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✤अगर आप खुद का कोई सत्ता मटका बाजार चलते है.तो उसका रिजल्ट इस सुपर फास्ट वेबसाईट में डलवाने के लिए नीचे दिए गए नंबर पे सम्पर्क करे✤
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Game Open Close
MORNING KALYAN 11:10am 12:10pm
SRIDEVI 11:35am 12:35pm
TIME BAZAR 01:00pm 02:00pm
MADHUR DAY 01:20pm 02:15pm
TIMEX DAY 01:30pm 02:30pm
GOLDAN DAY 02:45pm 04:45pm
MILAN DAY 03:00pm 05:00pm
RAJDHANI DAY 03:00pm 05:00pm
SUPREME DAY 03:35pm 05:35pm
NEW MILAN DAY 03:45pm 05:45pm
KALYAN 03:45pm 05:45pm
SRIDEVI NIGHT 07:10pm 08:10pm
MADHUR NIGHT 08:30pm 10:30pm
GOLDAN NIGHT 08:45pm 10:45pm
SUPREME NIGHT 08:45pm 10:45pm
MILAN NIGHT 09:00pm 11:00pm
RAJDHANI NIGHT 09:30pm 11:45pm
KALYAN NIGHT 09:15pm 11:35pm
TIMEX NIGHT 09:30pm 10:30pm
NEW MILAN NIGHT 09:45pm 11:45pm
MAIN BAZAR 09:35pm 12:06am
BIG BAZAR DAY 01:00am 01:00am
SKY NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
APPLE DAY 01:00am 01:00am
APPLE NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
WEEK DAY 01:00am 01:00am
WEEK NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
QUEEN DAY 01:00am 01:00am
QUEEN NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
YUVRAJ DAY 01:00am 01:00am
YUVRAJ NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
SUPER DAY 01:00am 01:00am
SUPER NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
DREAM DAY 01:00am 01:00am
DREAM NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
TERA BAZAR 01:00am 01:00am
TERA BAZAR NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
PANJAB DAY 01:00am 01:00am
PANJAB NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
MATKA BAZAR DAY 01:00am 01:00am
MATKA BAZAR NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
WIN DAY 01:00am 01:00am
WIN NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
CITY DAY 01:00am 01:00am
CITY NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
GURUP GAME DAY 01:00am 01:00am
GURUP GAME NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
BIG BAZAR NIGHT 01:00am 01:00am
SKY DAY 01:00am 01:00am
ADD YOUR GAME 01:00am 01:00am

-:Today Satta Matka Free Game:-
Date - 18/05/2023

→Fixx Otc_
→ Panna_
→ Jodi _
→ Sangam _

→ Fixx Otc_ _
→ Panna_ _
→ Jodi_ _
→ Sangam _ _

→ Fixx Otc_
→ Panna _ _
→ Jodi_ _
→ Sangam _ _

→ Fixx Otc_ _
→ Panna_ _
→ Jodi_ _
→ Sangam_ _

→ Fixx Otc_ _
→ Panna_ _
→ Jodi_ _
→ Sangam_ _

→ Fixx Otc_ _
→ Panna_ _
→ Jodi_ _
→ Sangam_ _

→ Fixx Otc_ _
→ Panna_ _
→ Jodi_ _
→ Sangam_ _

→ Fixx Otc_ _
→ Panna_ _
→ Jodi_ _
→Sangam_ _


!! Weekly Passing Record !!

कल्याण मटका VVIP जोड़ी पैनल मिलेगा
बुकिंग लाइन खुल चूका हे
1 ओपन - 1 ओपन पैनल - 2 जोड़ी
एडवांस चार्ज 5000/- मात्र
मनी बैक गारंटी
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SattaKgn Fix Weekly Patti Or Penal Chart From 06-03-2021 To 14-03-2021 For Kalyan Milan Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Time, Main Ratan, Matka Market

1=>560 489 119 290
2=>345 570 138 480
3=>355 580 157 238
4=>789 149 239 680
5=>159 258 357 690
6=>268 349 448 169
7=>467 269 368 160
8=>350 189 260 170
9=>360 289 270 199
0=>280 190 550 460

SattaKgn Fix Weekly Line Open Or Close From 06-03-2021 To 14-03-2021 For Kalyan Milan Kalyan Night Rajdhani Time, Main Bazar Market

Mon. 2 7 4 9

Tue. 1 6 4 9

Wed. 2 7 5 0

Thu. 1 6 3 8

Fri. 3 8 4 9

Sat. 1 6 4 9

Sun. 2 7 4 9

SattaKgn Fix Weekly Jodi Chart From 05-03-2021 To 14-03-2021 For Kalyan Milan Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Time, Main Bazar Market

52 54 57 58

63 64 65 61

82 83 85 87

02 04 05 06

72 76 75 79

01 05 06 07


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How an individual can play Satta Matka game?

There are several trades available like Morning Kalyan, Sridevi, Chennai Express, Time Bazar, Goldan Day, Milan Day, Rajdhani Day, New Milan Day. You can begin by choosing any of them and start playing.

Which Satta Matka markets are reliable to play?

All the satta matka market trades are trustable. You can choose some popular ones like Morning Kalyan, Sridevi, New Milan Day, Milan Day and many more.

What is a guessing forum?

Guessing forum is a forum from where you can get assistance associated with satta matka to guess the lucky digits.

What is Matka?

Like Satta, Matka is also a game which is hugely played in India. It is same as you have to guess the digit and win prices. It is one of the ancient games which are played in India.

Does all satta matka panel charts include all the satta matka markets?

Yes, all satta matka panel charts includes all the satta matka market including popular ones like Time Bazar, Milan Day, Rajdhani Day, Kalyan, Milan Night, etc.

Is satta matka market is legal everywhere in India?

No, satta matka market is not legal in many states of India. This game is played by the Indians from a very early time, in some places, it is legal but has some limitations.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is one of the ancient gambling game in India in which the individual guesses a digit and then give bet on the digit and if win then they get a chance to get huge prizes.

How does an individual learn to play Satta Matka?

An individual can learn to play Satta Matka through the internet. You can find several trustable sources by which you can learn through. You can also learn through the genuine information available on our website.

What is is one of the finest websites for playing satta matka easily. Our website is trustworthy and gives proper updates.

Why select

You should select to get the best’s satta matka gaming experience. We give reliable results and our players trust us.

How an individual can play Satta Matka online?

It's not a big deal to play satta matka online. You can play on our website also. One has to come and search sets of digits in several formats. From several formats, one has to pick and choose the set of digit and bet their money on that. Then you have to wait for the results. If you win then you will be getting your money in your given account. We give reliable results in satta matta market.

What is an Expert Forum?

Expert Forum is a forum where we have a team of professionals who help you to play and guess the satta matka digits.
Guessing Forum
Expert Forum